Work Comp Files 2017 (August through December)

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06/27/17 Clarke_Mosquito_Control_-_Exemption_Rulemaking

07-17-17 Allied Managed Care Murata AIMS

08-01-17 Tiffany Letter City of Escalon Board

08-29-17 Guy Medford To.png

08-29-17 Guy Medford From/To.png

08-29-17 Guy Medford

08-31-17 Letter from Norman Schmidt MD Leaving Practice. Find New Provider by Sept09-12-11 Revised Pesticide Discharge Application Plan (NPDES)

09-15-17 Adventist Health referral dermatology

09-15-17 Exam Works Medical Legal Evaluation of Anderson 3 pgs

09-15-17 Exam Works Medical Legal Evaluation for Anderson

09-22-17 ExamWorks BloodWork QME Michael M. Bronshvag MD

09-28-17 Guy Medford To.png

10-03-17 US Department of Housing And Urban Development

10-27-17 Delta Radiology mammogram results

10-27-17 Delta Radiology mammogram results

10-30-17 Stockwell Re Agreed Medical Re-Examination Appointment Letter

11-02-17 County of San Joaquin Notice of Action Health Care Review

11-06-17 Ferrer Poirot Wansbrough Round-up

11-07-17 ExamWorks Re change of appointment

11-07-17 Guy Allen Medford Law Office

11-08-17 ExamWorks Re Examination Appointment with Bronshvag

11-22-17 Stockwell Re Agreed Medical Re-Examination Appointment Letter

11-30-17 Insurance Fraud

12-11-17 ExamWorks Re Medical Legal Evaluation Jan 3 18

12-11-17 Exam Works Medical Legal Evaluations Bronshvag patient questionnaire 8 pgs

12-18-17 ExamWorks Re Examination Appointment with Bronshvag


12-19-17 Guy Medford scheduled the meeting.  I arrived with Paul Wood as a witness. Guy did not discuss  progress on items he agreed to subpoena from employer. Requested and legally obligated to provide records not presented.

Instead Guy berated me. He called me crazy and he talked about my mothers death in a mean spirited way. What should have been discussed were  knee reports, medical lab results, medical direction a settlement matrix and a balanced accounting.

Guy created a number without scientific and legal evidence to explain the value he created.  If I refused to agree I needed to pick up my files. I told him he would have to release my liens. Trying to fire me have me settle myself.

He called my therapist and she informed me he said I was crazy. She expressed he talked to her as rude as he treated me. Subsequently she quit after he failed to appear to a deposition with my therapist both parties  scheduled and did not appear.

Guy was suppose to guide me through the medical care process to legally document my cases. He instructed me to use public medical care instead of having the insurance carrier pay. And my medical care is status quo. Excessive legal doctor reports. Deny all treatment needs.


Where are all the Legal Reports From QME’s Listed Below?

Ortho pedic Tabaddor 15 legal visits $800 each for a report that states their client the employer is continuing a valid injury denying me and charging client since 2010.

Exposure Thomas Allems never seen conflict with Stockwell how much did he charge for 3 years of stalling? 2012-2015

Exposure Broshvag 2015-open

Psychology Benjamin Carey flown in from Virginia no reports how much billed? 2015

Guy where are the reports and what do they say? 

12-20-17 Guy Allen Medford Law Office Letter Re PQME RE-EVALUATION

12-20-17 Guy Medford To Settlement Duress Answer.png

12-20-17 Guy Medford Meeting Request From.png


12-20-17 Guy Medford To.png

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