Work Comp Files 2017 (January through July)

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I was forced to move 8 times before my employer provided a QME for the 2011 exposure claims filed in the Workers Compensation Board of Appeals System.

Intentional infliction of duress while refusing to do their legal duties providing records.

Harassment Sub Rosa recordings of co-workers Don Meidinger and Dave Smith also my neighbor on north side of Avena.  My family following my son and friend taking my maternal grandmother to dialysis and eating at the Soup Ladle where a man pulled a wide lense camera and took photos of my kids following them from my Avena residence in a big white van that sat at the north end of Avena’s dead end, until I took photos of it parked.  Private eyes followed me and I confronted two who lied in their written reports and the defense has denied to provide applicants attorneys request for the video copies.

Withheld requested documents while intentionally sending boxes of the same records they sent in triplicates strategically when I would move. Leveraging my impaired mental and physical traumas of family deaths and forced moves hoping my hardships would end their responsibility to our contracts. Still Waiting!

1. Moved Avena Forced Sale Foreclosure-I Currently Owe County Back Taxes 2015

2. Pine August to September 2015

3. Lakeshore September 2015

4. Acampo 2016

5. Applewood November 2016 January 2017

6. Holiday Inn January 2017

7. Paul Wood January 2017

8. P.O. Box 477 February 2017 – Current 2019 Stable without resolve from defense

Paul Wood from Gravity Church I met in December 2016 Let me stay at his home for two weeks. Helped me get my possessions from Applewood with force. Helped me find legal representation.

Applicant: Tiffany Anderson v Defense: San Joaquin County Mosquito & Vector Control

Applicant’s Legal Counsel Guy A. Medford Esq., Attorney at Law

Law Offices of Guy Allen Medford 306 East Main Street suite 304 Stockton, CA 95202

01-05-17 Holiday Inn Check in date Invoice

01-22-17 Sleep Train Bed

01-11-17 A & A Storage

02-15-17 QME Khoshrow Tabaddor 86351-15

02-15-17 Visit Summary for Tiffany Anderson Urgent Care

02-17-15 Minutes of The Board of Trustees Meeting

02-18-17 Covered California Denial

02-24-17 02-24-17 AIMS Notice Regarding Temporary Disability Benefits Payment Termination

02-24-17 AIMS 5 pgs w:check

02-24-17 AIMS Notice Regarding Temporary Disability Benefits Payment Start

Retained Guy Allen Medford to represent me. I put down all the work comp fighting for one year while attending counseling and getting medical tests.

Where is contract and terms of services

02-28-17 DWC Notice of Hearing

02-28-17 Visit Summary for Tiffany Anderson Urgent Care-LH 9 pgs

02-28-17 Visit Summary for Tiffany Anderson

03-02-17 Visit Summary for Tiffany Anderson Urgent Care

03-23-17 WCAB Order Staying and Deferring

03-30-17 Visit Summary Urgent Care-LH

04-03-17 AIMS Review of file June 29 11

04-20-17 Quest Diagnostics Lab

04-20-17 WCAB

04-21-17 Health Plan of SJ

04-24-17 Stockwell Request For Continuance

04-26-17 WCAB Minutes of Hearing Notice

04-27-17 DWC Notice of Rescheduled Hearing

05-15-17 QME Michael M. Bronshvag MD Supplemental Report

06-29-17 WCAB Re Closed Case 2016-51119 Thomas Allems

07-14-17 Complaint filed with US Department of Labor

07-19-17 Response by Department of Industrial Relations


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