QME Thomas Allems, M.D. Exposure 2011-2017 FRAUD

QME Thomas Allems, M.D.

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The defense denied my exposure claims and requested a Panel Qualified Medical Examiner. Doctor Thomas Allems to be specific. The defense Eric Helphrey Partner of Stockwell, Harris and their QME Thomas Allems scheduled a co-presentation together for COSIPA two days in October 2015, creating a clear conflict in my case knowing this and not disclosing the information, I found this information researching Dr Allems. My date of injury was on 6/29/2011 and I had not seen any QME by 2016 for my exposure claims. June 2015 defense attorney Sara Skolnik filed a motion for trial on my argument that Allems was a conflict. After she read my exhibits and witness list stating I wanted Eric Helphrey at the hearing they decided a trial was not in their best interest and said they had made a mistake picking Allems and requested the trial they filed the motion for be quashed.  They refused to produce requested records for my appointments they scheduled so the dates continued to be postponed. There is a timeline index on my blog where all my documents show a clear pattern of mental and physical abuse preventing medical care and financial instability. I never saw this doctor once, but the defense used him to intentionally stall from 2011-2016. Don’t forget I was injured and filed my claim in 2011. Why did they wait from September 2011 to July 2013 to schedule a QME? These claims are still in the system due to fraud by the employer, carrier and the 4 QME’s they paid instead of paying me. In Sara’s Notice Of Ex-Parte Appearance June 24, 2015 she accuses me of stalling. I do date do not have the records I requested ie payroll, timesheets, medical records in her possession and she intentionally scheduled hearings around the death of my terminal mother and the forced sale of my 2 N Avena home exacerbating my injuries mentally and physically. Allems ends by sending me to Bronshvag in mid 2016 still unresolved.

Thomas S. Allems MD

311 California Street, Suite 310 San Francisco, CA 94104

Phone: (415) 989-5339 Fax: (415) 989-5424 Email: thomas.allems@ucsf.edu

07-23-13 Allems QME  

07-26-13 Notice QME Allems 10-24-13

09-26-13 Kyle clarification on QME Allems appointment

Council Of Self-Insured Public Agencies

COSIPA 2013 Gray’s Anatomy Workers Compensation General Meetings

North Concord CA October 10, 2013

South Costa Mesa, CA October 17, 2013

1:30-3:30 Presented by: Dr. Thomas Allems & Eric Stockwell, Stockwell et al.

“The latency Culprit”-Cancer Presumption Claims to Help Shed Light on the Science Behind Latency Periods & Defense

10-10-13 Exposure Conflict Defense Helphrey & QME Allems

10-10-13 #1 Cancer Presumption Claims Helphrey & Allems Stockwell Conflict of Interest

10-11-13 Vector-JPA check for $19.49 gas QME Allems

10-15-13 KH QME Allems 1-23-14

10-14-13 #2 Cancer Presumption Claims Helphrey & Allems Stockwell Conflict of Interest

12-31-13 Stockwell Proposed Letter To Dr Allems And Various Reports

12-31-13 Stockwell To Tiffany Proposal To Allems

02-28-14 To Kyle Hanson Doc Re-Request

03-10-14 (Initial Call 07-23-13) QME Notice Reschedule Allems 06-19-14

03-11-14 Stockwell Appointment letter for QME ALLEMS

04-01-14 Expert QME Allems

06-19-14 Email To Stockwell From Tiffany Records Request Allems QME

06-30-14 Uncashed check for Allems QME


06-16-15 Sara breaking the rules text and calls

On Jun 16, 2015, at 10:17 AM, Sara Skolnik <Sara_Skolnik@shwm.com> wrote:

Are you still near the board?

Sent from my iPhone [SHWM]

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On Jun 18, 2015, at 8:47 AM, Sara Skolnik <Sara_Skolnik@shwm.com> wrote:

I tried again. I am leaving at 10:30 and won’t be back to the office until Monday. This is about the panel/Dr. Allems issue and is something beneficial to you I think, so try to call me when you can.

Sara Skolnik



1545 River Park Drive, Suite 330 Sacramento, CA 95815-4616

Tel: (916) 246-4619

FAX: (916) 924-3541

CELL: (707) 583-5711

EMAIL: Sara_Skolnik@shwm.com WEB: www.shwm.com

On Jun 22, 2015, at 9:55 AM, Tiffany Anderson <tiffanyanderson@me.com> wrote: Sara,

Your phone conversation caught me off guard. I would like to go trial and have the judge hear this issue. I don’t want the panel your client is the one who has made me wait this long. Lets keep the hearing that you and Eric requested. Please go to your clients and ask them to settle all matters.


Tiffany Anderson

06-24-15 Notice of EX Parte Re Allems

07-06-15 Replacement for Allems 2011 ORDER.pdf

07-06-15 Trial Cancelled By Stockwell Minutes Of Hearing.pdf


23 Pounds of Records Sent To My New Residence I was forced to move to because my home at 2 N Avena was being foreclosed on and the taxes were also defaulted.

August- September 2015 I moved to 2120 Pine St, Holiday Inn Express two weeks  September 2015, 1900 Lakeshore September to August 2016, 3318 E Acampo from August-November 2016 (See Fair Housing Complaint and Award) 2856 Applewood Dr. December to January 2017, Holiday Inn Express two weeks 2017, I moved to my current residence where I rent 1 bedroom in February 2017. I rented a storage unit for 1 year and then gave away all of my belongings after realizing I can’t move forward until the workers comp claims are settled. It’s 2019 and I do not have my records I requested in 2011. Preparing a class action suit for workers comp fraud and payroll fraud.

03-01-16 QME DWC Complaint Form Thomas Allems

03-30-16 DWC QME Allems Complaint Number 2016-51119 Medical Unit

06-29-17 WCAB Re Closed Case 2016-51119 Thomas Allems



Internal Medicine (board certified), Occupational Medicine (board certified), specializing in Occupational and Environmental Medicine / Toxicology. Scientific evaluation of mold claims, and toxic exposure claims (including pesticides, metals, solvents, etc.). Available for case consultation, interpretation of environmental test data with respect to human health risks, and expert witness work.


MD (CA and Prov. of Ontario, Canada and Nebraska); MPH; Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME): Int. Med., Occ. Med. and Toxicology.


Internal Medicine (board certified), Occupational Medicine (board certified), specializing in Occupational and Environmental Medicine/Toxicology.

Previous/Current Position

UCSF Volunteer Faculty; scientific policy advisor to the American Council on Science and Health; Toxicology subcommittee of the American College of Occ. and Env. Med.

Prior Expert

Expert witness, litigation support, record reviews, air quality/toxicologic data interpretation with respect to human health risks, corporate health/safety consultation.

From the Bar Association of San Francisco website, Northern California Register of Experts and Consultants, 4/1/2014

Other cases involving Allems

05-22-13 Scott v. Lennar QME Allems Expert

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