In memory of Vicki and Duane Bridgewater.

Duane Bridgewater was assigned to supervise me, Untrained and unlicensed operator Tiffany Anderson trained in Linden from April to December. Zone 8 vacant Brian Heine out. 2005 Tammy Scott was fired. Scott seniority relocated me to the islands for 2.5 years.

Norm Hopkins untrained and unlicensed operator Norm Hopkins assigned to Escalon Supervisor Greenmeyer. 2004 Bob Durham transferred to Stockton in 2005 Janine 19, Tom Beard 18, Morgan Bennett 17, Roy Ripon

Bob’s crew was not denied resources like Duane was.

This blog is about my employment at San Joaquin County Mosquito and Vector Control District as a California Licensed   Pesticide Applicator and the evidence I have indexed of how much this agency does not care about the publics health.

Stockwell AIMS

Legal fees for Bob Durham and Janine Esau’s relationship 2006-2010 Don Meidinger

Conspiracy to illegally use toxic chemicals for 7 years, not reporting work injuries.   Tiffany Anderson 2011- open

2 Replies to “Whistleblower”

  1. Greetings I’m truly thankful for your integrity. Some of the things you’re speaking of I’m involved with. I’m battling a corporate giant who owns the insurance that my WC claim is with. The abuse these people exercised with litigations, delays of treatment, collusion with representation has caused me to have permanent disabilities for life at a 100% status. They even used someone else’s medical records n put my name n case on them for the agreed QME’s Its disgusting and unethical.

    • I appreciate the reply. This was a lot of work. My boss told me to document everything because they lie. I did this blog to honor my deceased supervisor and his wife who committed suicide. They gave themselves to the public and the employees. There is not much hope for the injured worker. But if we are vocal and share our stories change may be possible for the future. I am sorry for what you must be going through. The insurance carriers play tricks and games. It’s unfortunate they have to bully a person when they are in need of medical care. Good luck.

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