Tiffany Anderson’s Files 2016 (August to December)



08-03-16 Michelle Morgan V SJCM&VCD 39201400313386CUOESTK CIV110 Request for Dismissal

08-03-16 Detention Certificate with John Sales Domestic

08-14-16 Letter WCAB Judge request cancel 2 video 3pgs proof of service

08-14-16 To WCAB Judge QME Tabaddor has not completed a conflict of interest ordered by judge, Thrown me out of his office twice, He is abusive and abusing the reports for financial gain, request to appear before a judge.

08-16-16 Letter Tabaddor w: Questionnaire for 091216

08-22-16 My birthday they love to hit you on dates that are memorable

08-22-16 Tabaddor 86351-12 Supplemental Report 3pgs




I relocated to 3318 E Acampo Rd. with Johns assistance in renovating a modular where I intended to stay 1 year.

My work comp claims were neglected  my civil remedies expired and I had two trusts to reconcile for MaryJean Parvin and Shirley H Johnson.


August 31, 2016 AAA Renter Insurance                                      Tiffany Anderson 3318 E Acampo Rd                                            Policy August 31, 2016-2017

August 31, 2016

Tiffany Anderson 3318 E Acampo Rd.

PO Box 640 Acampo, 95220

09-01-16 Judge Webber does not constitute good cause Tabaddor

Email Tiffany to John Master List of 3318 E Acampo Rd September 1, 2016

Work began while I was paying rent and occupying it. I finally stop work when Guy brings a relator to my door.


Rental/Lease Agreement between Guy Culp and Tiffany Anderson rent $600. month in cash. Location 3318 E Acampo Rd.

Occupied in September Evicted in November Vacated by December 2016


September 8, 2016 Updated09-26-16 Stockwell to Anderson served with notice to appear MSC 091916 Tabaddor final report in 30 days List of work performed at 3318 E Acampo Rd. Work began August 23, 2016


09-12-16 Maroon 5 Tickets I purchased October 5,15 living with John 2 tickets Section Floor D Row 2 Seats 5,6

I lost $900.00

09-12-16 Maroon 5 Damages


09-26-16 Stockwell to Anderson served with notice to appear MSC 091916 Tabaddor final report in 30 days

9-27-16 Pesticide Regulations Report

10-12-16 Contractors State License oard Reopen Sales Construction License Number 477079


10-18-16 Stockwell to Bronshvag blood work testing

11-01-16 30 day notice for calling the cops on him for drunk and harassment

November 5, 2016 Condition of Rental



November 15, 2016

November 23, 2016 Condition of Rental




I gave the furniture to Amanda and Baron. The dresser and sleigh bed.


December 1, 2016



December 2, 2016



12-08-16 Allied Managed Care Inc Re Gary Murata denied request for care

12-14-15 Patient Questionnaire First Evaluation 6 pgs

12-19-16 Dr Murata PR-2 to AIMS Anderson 2856 Applewood

12-20-16 Anderson WCAB Declaration of Readiness to Proceed

12-20-16 Anderson WCAB Declaration of Readiness to Proceed

12-30-16 WCAB Notice of Hearing 5 EAMS Case



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