QME Michael M. Bronshvag, M.D. 2017-2019 Unsettled Fraud

QME Michael M. Bronshvag, M.D.

Michael M.Bronshvag, MD
3000 L St, Sacramento, CA 95816
(916) 455-3300

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Assigned 2016 Legal Doctor Costs To Deny Claims- Open

To show history between QME doctor and my employer a link to a QME evaluation 1993

07-02-93 Meidinger Michael Bronshvag

This doctor is to determine if two claims are valid based off medical evidence. Specific exposure date 6/29/2011? Do I have evidence of a cumulative exposure to pesticides and all bio waste hazards of my job beginning on or before 4/19/04/.

Note injury claims filed immediately by me and denied to date while billing off my name for these legal evaluations which do not reflect the reality of my job, my.

Excel Sheet of my medical evidence summary click link below



10-01-15 Stockwell QME Proposal letter for 12:15:15 Bronshvag eval

12-15-15 QME Proposal for Michael Bronshvag

01-5-16 Michael Bronshvag

01-6-16 QME Report Bronshvag

01-06-16 Medfocus Appointment notice STK MRI referral Bronshvag 3 pgs

01-11-16 Stockton MRI & Molecular Imaging-Nuclear Medicine Bone Whole Body Scan- Tiffany Anderson V Mosquito Control- QME Bronshvag

01-25-16 Stockton MRI & Molecular Imaging-Of Brain Without Contrast- Tiffany Anderson V Mosquito Control- QME Bronshvag

02-03-16 QME Michael Bronshvag 4 26 16

02-26-16 Tiffany Letter to QME Bronshvag Sara states irrelevant facts 4 pgs

03-18-16 Stockwell Proposed cover letter for Bronshvag re-evaluate 04:26:16 11 pgs

04-04-16 Stockwell re Tiffany’s Letter to QME Bronshvag states content inappropriate 2 pgs

04-08-16 Stockwell Agreed Medical Examiner Re-Evaluation 4:26:16 Bronshvag 7 pgs

04-20-16 Letter to Bronshvag

05-12-16 QME Michael Bronshvag Internal Medicine Eval #2

05-18-16 Bronshvag Blood Panel

07-01-16 Letter to Bronshvag by Tiffany victim

10-18-16 Stockwell to Bronshvag blood work testing

05-15-17 QME Supplemental Report (AME) Bronshvag.

09-22-17 ExamWorks BloodWork QME Michael M. Bronshvag MD

11-08-17 ExamWorks Re Examination Appointment with Bronshvag

12-11-17 Exam Works Medical Legal Evaluationw:Bronshvag patient questionnaire 8 pgs

12-18-17 ExamWorks Re Examination Appointment with Bronshvag

01-15-18 Exam Works Medical Legal Evaluation reminder Bronshvag 020718

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