Email To Attorney July 14, 19

 11-21-14 Death Of Cousin I lived with on Avena MaryJean Parvin  

Meeting cancelled name removed from sign in at Arbor after cops and financial disclosure

Meeting cancelled by administration and my name removed from the sign in at Arbor Rehab. This is after they called the police and a submitted a Financial Disclosure Of MaryJean’s Accounting refer to Sales.

Arbor Care Home wanted to seize MaryJean’s assets through Medi-Cal so they called Lodi Police and sent them to my home three times to charge me with Elder Fraud. See supporting documents in 2014. I was advised by to force the facility to declare my cousin incapable of making decisions before I would agree to sign anything assuming liability. MaryJeans care was a crime. Someone really needs to end the elder abuse by insurance and physicians.

I am the Durable Power of Attorney and Medical Authority for my cousin MaryJean. I chose to spend the end of MaryJean’s life with her instead of appear in front of Jane Sales over the consequences of her business operations, MaryJean and I were her clients from a 2012  remodel.

12-21-14 Jane Sales Restraining Order Hearing at San Joaquin County Court House with stay away requests from a client list that included Mosquito Controls attorneys handling my civil claims for the defense both Chris Eley and Dan Quinn were in a direct conflict of interest and all text call log correspondence between Sales Construction and his clients should be retained for proof of ethical misconduct. Refer to Police and Arbor records request.

11-28-14 Mom’s End Of Life

Records 29 CFR 1910.1020

 11-29-14 Stockwell Harris_RE vaccination records 

11-30-14   ICU Doctor’s diagram showing us how my mother is dying. This is the day we are told we will not be attending any more UCSF trips. To get my mother’s affairs in order she is going home to die

11-30-14 mom dying

12-01-14 Arbor Statement Billing MJP In my care on Hospice

12-03-14 Tiffany Email Manager Lucchesi I need medical care

12-04-14 Tabaddor QME Evaluation Questionnaire Opened 16 Feb 15 Due To Deaths Appointment was on 05 Jan 15

12-17-14 Kicked in Grandmas door to see my mom. Cops were called and my mom told the officer she wanted me present. I stayed until grandma arrived and she made me leave again. Not allowed to spend last days with my mom. Thanks Stockwell! Eric Helphrey. I hope you are enjoying partner.

The most tragic and painful series of events. My mom loved me so much. My mom was funny, smart, pretty, generous and determined. She always told me I love you. My mom taught me to be honest. I sure miss her.

12-19-14 Traffic School Mandated for ticket (My DMV Record Clean until 3 tickets 2014 duress)

12-21-19 First I give a funeral for MaryJean and my father’s side of the family, then I proceed to my grandma and moms to meet with the social workers and my moms family about kicking in my grandmas door to get to my mom after grandma changed the lock and told my son to not let me in. I was pissed because my mom was dying taking care of her mom and in the meeting it was decided she would be removed the following day from my grandmas responsibility. I requested a chaplain present so she and I prayed together over my mom before I had to leave. She died in the middle of the night from no oxygen.

12-24-14 Moms Funeral. The Anniversary of my father leaving us when I was 2. Courtesy of grandma.

Compel Another Tabaddor QME Over Knee After He Threw Me Out Of The Last Appointment I Attended.   This Is Intentional And Abusive


12-30-14 Hospice Condolences Stages of Grieving

Employer Violated The Above Rights

Stockwell Has Been Sitting On My Records Since 2011

Employee records by law have to be provided within 30 days from request by statute. Intent to cause harm with Neglect of duties to follow labor laws. They wait 3 years until my mom is terminal dying in a hospital to start hammering me with multiple copies to excess of records that are fraudulent and not fulfilled the request to date. A year after I signed to have you to take my case in December on this anniversary  you call me in your office with Paul Wood present proceed to attempt to coerce me to settle for a dollar amount you could not calculate how you arrived there while using the same trauma of my moms death while you yelled it in my face I was bitter, crazy and were using words that revolved around my mom and her death. Whats wrong with you lawyers? Do you not have a soul? 

You have not put forth any efforts to resolve things it is more in alignment with helping the defense stall the clock to expire some unknown timeline. You are supposed to be an expert that’s what is our plan? 

If you want me gone please help me direct this anger to the proper channels to resolve this criminal employment nightmare. Mike Morris told me it was a crime when he asked me for my medical records to date vector has falsified and they are incomplete. It was also a crime to withhold knowledge of their illegal use of formaldehyde which I did spray, test water samples and had a direct physical reaction AIMS billed off of while I was not legally certified to be in my job capacity per their state contracts. More than 1 NPDES and Health and Safety Code Violation. 

Please help me receive a settlement that is equal to the facts. Please help me properly in WCAB report all these Stockwell fraud acts so my coworkers are not forced to go through this. Please help me ensure that if this agency is going to operate above any laws of reporting pesticide effects that the public is aware. Pesticides kill. I am alive because of my proactive intense health prevention acts. Not because there wasn’t poison in me or that the employer went to the expense of fallowing pesticide laws and care procedures. I have the documentation of out of pocket expenses I want reimbursed and placed in a report. I am going to need the mentioned care all of my life as cells change under stress and maintenance is 

I was contacted by a group researching for Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch as he is a FOIA lawyer and someone saw my work I tweeted out. I was asked and I worked on exposing corrupt judges in our 9th circuit court to be replaced by Trump. I 

I have been using my records to prove a pattern of California corruption on every level from vector to congress EPA, OSHA, Clean Water Act. It is my hope that my content will be used to help change the socialist practices in effect back into our constitutional system.

This workers comp experience proved to me California is the problem as it does not comply with any laws. Our state is a mono party dictatorship. Thugs LLC hijacked our government and I am waiting for the federal law to step in. Guy even if you give up which all evidence points that direction I will walk away on my terms. Mosquito and Vector is a United Nations Population Control Program. The agency is a front for pesticide poisoning the public. Zika and West Nile do not exist or else where are the treatments for the staff who works in the infested areas daily.

It’s a scam. Please make them give me my money so I will have an incentive to go away from here and start a new life to leave the vultures to their corruption. They hammered me with records that would have overwhelm most people. I took my anger and put it into indexing and reading those documents. How much money have they spent on all the costs to produce these papers 6 boxes full all ready to go somewhere? 

I was hoping you would write doctor Lin a letter and start introducing evidence for reports and to support the requests for care. If you have no intentions to help me I am prepared to handle this now. Before I wasn’t well enough. But you need to resign and release your liens. 

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