Dr. Eduardo Lin, MD 2019 Evidence

Links to pdf and jpeg access to Indexed Evidence for Dr Lin to Evaluate


07-27-19 Letter by Tiffany to Work Comp Attorney Guy Medford

Refer to Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s charges filed in California courts charging Eduardo Lin of insurance fraud for not complying with the medical coercion (fraud) plan for the universal no care system mandated by President Barack Obama and repealed by President Donald Trump in 2017

04-25-19 Dr Lin Charged By Attorney General Becerra-Doctors in Trouble – Doctor Information

Letter to my attorney asking for action on discovery.

07-09-19 Dr Eduardo Lin

Vector Control Technician Program Tiffany Andersons Job Description 4 pages

Tiffany Anderson State Certificates 2 pages 2007-2013

Pesticide Training Records For Tiffany Anderson Required by Law 18 pages

Labels are Law! You must read the label every time you use product Falsified Fraudulent Incomplete Personnel File Inventory Compare to 03 Dec 15 Produced by Eley They Do Not Match


Pesticide Safety Information No. 8

A-8 Pesticide Series

Links to Pesticide Labels Used in daily work opperations not all reported on NPDES application or permits. Along with Lawsuits and Supporting Documents Applicable to proving a pattern of intentional neglect and fraudulent reporting to the public in violation to Federal and stata laws.

09-07-14 Notes – Monies Pd to Wilbur-Ellis in 2014 2013

Agnique Cognis MSDS

Agnique MMF G

Anvil 10+10

01-11-05 EPA sues Clarke Vectolex & Anvil



Evergreen 60-6

Fyfanon ULV




Eley Depo Exhibit 4 Altosid Excel Denial of chemicals


Pyronyl ULV

Pyronyl crop spray

Pyrenone 25-5

Pyrenone Crop Spray

Round Up Pro


VectoBac 12AS

VectoBac G

Vectolex WDG

Vectolex G

01-11-05 EPA sues Clarke Vectolex & Anvil

Vectomax G

Vectomax WSP

Products employer used illegally no training given or permissions by the state or local ag department to use. Revealed 2011 District Attorney Investigator Mike Morris

Potassium permanganate

Copper Sulfate

Formaldehyde. – 1910.1048



Paracide-F_Formaldehyde Solution

37 Percent Formaldehyde Aqueous Solution Mixture of HCHO CH3OH and H2O SDS P6224


Formaldehyde, 37% by Weight (With Preservative_Certified ACS), Fisher

PARASITE-S Formalin (aqueous Formaldehyde solution) For control of External Protozoa and Monogenetic

OSHA formaldehyde-fact sheet

06-20-06_Report Special Five Chemicals Alternatives Formaldehyde

Links to Excel downloadable files for medical evidence

Chemicals Spreadsheet 5 3 2014 Dameron Exposures

Chemicals Spreadsheet 5 3 2014 formalin Spray dates

Chemicals Spreadsheet 5 3 2014 Co-Payments

Chemicals Spreadsheet 5 3 2014 Vitals


Pick up working here

Agricultural-And-Municipal-Wastewater-Handbook-Required Work Content 129 pages

NPDES 2011-2016 174 pages

04-19-04 Anderson N Hopkins Salary 2 pages


Falsified Fraudulent Incomplete Personnel File Inventory Compare to 03 Dec 15 Produced by Eley They Do Not Match

Personnel Inventory Produced by Eley 2016 Doesn’t Match Previous Record

Upload 2016 Provided by Chris Eley they changed the content Personnel File Inventory

Employee Time Sheet Report Discovery Tiffany Anderson 26Aug14 for 2004-2011 20 pages 

Compex Legal Services Records of Tiffany Anderson location Kaiser 1,1008 pages X3 copies 24Oct2011

2006 – 2008 Billing Records For Gerard Chiropractic 10 pages





Exposure Records  1

9 23 14_foia claim summary as of 10.7.04

Exposure Records 2

9 23 14_foia claim summary as of 3.14.06

Exposure Records 3

09:23:14_Claim Summary Payments

Exposure Records 4

Knee Records 1

Knee Records 2

Knee Records 3

Knee Records 4

02-11-14 Medical Records provided to QME Dr Tabaddor by TA

Payroll Fraud

Exhibit 17-B



12-19-14 Mom’s Death

First Aid 2003

OSHA ACCESS To Medical Exposure Records

Access To Personnel Records

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