Training Manuals & Files

These manuals and pamphlets came from Skip’s files. The first time I saw these training manuals and files were when I went through his files after he passed away.

Links to documents:

72_Trouble Swarms for California Bees

73_Aedus Vexans

74_WeedSpeciesDistributionIn DairyManure

75_Adult Mosquito Identification

76_Medic First Aid Emergency Care

77_PesticideAppli&SafetyTrainingforApplicators_CAMosq&VectorControlAssoc_Tiffany’s Test

78_Biology&ControlofMosq._CA_Mosq&VectorControlAsoc_Tiffany’s Test

79_Sexual Harassment Flyer

80_Reasonable steps can be taken to prevent sexual harassment complaints

81_Malaria Brochure

82_Encephalitis Brochure

83_A Guide to Rat Control

84_Mosquitoes of California

85_Cockroaches Brochure

86_Canine Heartworm

87_Western Equine Encephalitis

88_Facts About Plague In California

89_Lyme Disease

90_Facts About Lyme Disease in California

91_Facts About Hanta Virus in California

92_Facts about Head Lice

93_Do Mosquitoes Transmit AIDS

94_The Encephalitis Mosquito

95_Mosquitoes and Duck Clubs

96_Mosquitoes and Wetlands

97_Mosquitoes and Treeholes

98_Yellow Jackets of California

99_Fly Prevention

100_Yellow Jackets of California

101_The Western Treehole Mosquito

102_Preparandose Para Las Abejas Africanizadas

103_Preparing for Africanized Honey Bees

104_Bee Smart! A children’s guide to Africanized Bees

105_Prevent Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome




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