Training Manuals & Files

These manuals and pamphlets came from Skip’s files. The first time I saw these training manuals and files were when I went through his files after he passed away.

Links to documents:


44_Employee Protection Line Letter_Stroh

44_Reporting Wrong Doing on the Employee Protection Line Access Code

45_Sexual Harassment Hurts Everyone Brochure

46_Healthy TipsErgonomics Flyer

47_Prevention of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

48_Investigating Sexual Harassment Complaints_Doing It Right & Doing it Legal

49_Environmental Awareness Facilitator Guide

50_Heat Safety Sheet

51_Heat Illness Prevention

52_Improving the Workplace Environment

54_Discrimination and Harassment in Employment are Prohibited by law

55_A legal checklist for handling sexual harassment complaints

57_Same Sex Harassment

58_Comparison of Dry Iced-Baited CDC & NJ Light Traps for Measuring Mosquito Abundance in California

59_Maintenance of Susceptibility to Mosquito Insecticides

60_Mosquito Training

61_UC Pest Management Guidelines.Mosquito Home and Landscape

62_Integrated Pest Management Plan for Specified Vectors Found in San Joaquin County 1988

63_Yellow Jackets Training

64_Basic Weed Identification

65_Setting the Record Straight-The Non-existent Link Between Methoprene & Frog Deformities

67_Sexual Harassment Resources Guide

68_Subtle Sexual Harassment

69_The Good,the Bad, & the Ugly of 132a Claims





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