Request For Documents FOIA & CIPRA

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Refuse To Produce Timesheets Payroll Fraud


11-18-11 To Judge LETTER_ANDERSON

01-09-14 CalTax CPRA Request On Taxing Powers

06-14-14 CIPRA Wages Transparency Request

07-28-14 John Stroh & Eddie Fraud MRF Receiving 38K From District

08-05-14 FIOA West Nile Virus CPRA  

08-08-14 Public Records Request West Nile Virus

08-15-14 Taxpayers – Mosquito Foundation John Stroh

09-04-14 FOIA California Michael Cohen

09-09-14 To Judge McGill WCAB

09-19-14 TA to Stockwell Request access to my fileat next hearing (denied)

06-25-15 EPA FED FOIA Reply


06-26-15 FOIA Certified Cost of Pesticide 4 Failed Program

01-05-16 Request to inspect and copy employee file

01-05-16 AIMS Request for Reply

01-05-16 Request for Records ARS Whittier

03-16-16 FOIA DWC Claim Request

06-12-19 DWC Legal Unit Records Request



Both links below are Excel downloadable files


Employee Workers Comp Claims 2016

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