California Senator Richard Pan PHd, Lobbyist, Vaccines,

California Senator Richard Pan, PHd pushing vaccines and pesticides for my agency

San Joaquin County Mosquito & Vector Control District

3 Supervisors State Licensed Certified by the Department of Health and Human Services

19 State Licensed Pesticide Applicators Zone Operators

The Reality Is We Are Funded and Pooled with The United Nations As You can See



09-08-16 Protesting Naled EPA Sued Vector in 2005 for Naled, Vectolex


09-14-16 Angry Protesters No More Naled EPA v Vector 2005 Response from Agency Zika

09-14-16 Angry Protesters No More Naled EPAv Vector 2005

09-26-16 CDC Almost Out of Zika Cash United

09-29-16 Zika Obama signed stopgap spending bill Mosquito 1.1 Billion Vaccines These California Labs with Chinese Doctors need to be closed.

09-01-06 West Nile virus: Peterson et al. Respond.

02-14-17 Richard Pan Senate Bill No.382 Mosquito Surveillance splitting funds WNV DHS


03-21-17 Richard Scam Pam Bill Text – SB-382 Pest control- mosquito abatement.

Taking money from Pesticide Safety Protection and funneling it through UN Agenda

08-02-18 Congress Zika 1.1 Bill

09-30-19 MRI at Children’s National Health System track Zika in Fetus Tons of Cash


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