City of Lodi

City Council Regular Meeting – March 6, 2019


Despite California’s cost of living being unsustainable, Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to add yet ANOTHER tax — this time on your water. Between the gas tax, a car tax, and even a tax on text messages (which we killed), Gavin Newsom and weak Sacramento politicians like the ones below are coming right for your wallet…again.

We’re launching a massive campaign to make sure that these Water Tax Weaklings vote NO on the Water Tax.


City Council Regular Meeting – February 20, 2019


Meeting Notes

Groundwater Investigation Reports

Table of Contents (PDF)
Appendix A (PDF)
Appendix B (PDF)
Appendix C (PDF)
Appendix D (PDF)
Appendix E (PDF)
Appendix F (PDF)
Appendix G (PDF)
Appendix H (PDF)
Appendix I (PDF)
Appendix J (PDF)
Appendix K (PDF)
Chapter 1 (PDF)
Chapter 2 (PDF)
Chapter 3 (PDF)
Chapter 4 (PDF)
Chapter 5 (PDF)
Chapter 6 (PDF)
Chapter 7 (PDF)
Council Memo (PDF)
Cover Pages (PDF)
Regional Water Quality Control Board Letter (PDF)

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