Vector Control Technician Certification HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE  SECTION 106925 

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Vector Control Technician Certification Program Requires that Pesticide Handlers be certified in order to qualify and comply with NPDES, National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit.


SECTION 106925
 106925. (a) Except as otherwise provided in subdivision (b) or (i),
every government agency employee who handles, applies, or supervises
the use of any pesticide for public health purposes, shall be
certified by the department as a vector control technician in at
least one of the following categories commensurate with assigned
duties, as follows:
   (1) Mosquito control.
   (2) Terrestrial invertebrate vector control.
   (3) Vertebrate vector control.
   (b) The department may establish by regulation exemptions from the
requirements of this section that are deemed reasonably necessary to
further the purposes of this section.
   (c) The department shall establish by regulation minimum standards
for continuing education for any government agency employee
certified under Section 116110 and regulations adopted pursuant
thereto, who handles, applies, or supervises the use of any pesticide
for public health purposes.
   (d) An official record of the completed continuing education units
shall be maintained by the department. If a certified technician
fails to meet the requirements set forth under subdivision (c), the
department shall suspend the technician's certificate or certificates
and immediately notify the technician and the employing agency. The
department shall establish by regulation procedures for reinstating a
suspended certificate.
The California Department of Public Health offers an examination for certification as a Public Health Vector Control Certified Technician on the third Thursday of May and November.
Please contact the Training and Certification Coordinator if you would like additional information at (916) 552-9730.

Links to documents:

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All the information above must be learned and both Tests A & B passed to legally comply with 


SECTION 106925 

I was allowed to spray pesticides from 4/19/04 to my date of certification without supervision.
I passed Tests A & B  on October 31, 2005, a year and a half after I began spraying pesticides.

My California Public Health License Certification Number 520003542.

I endured 3 separate exposures prior to being legally-compliant with the California Certification Statute



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