White Slough Fish Hatchery

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San Joaquin County Mosquito Fish Hatchery Location:
White Slough Wastewater Treatment Facility
Leased Property
Parcel ID  05512011
12751 Thornton Road 
Lodi CA  95242

Know Your Rights

Under federal law, you are entitled to a safe workplace. Your employer must provide a workplace free of known health and safety hazards. If you have concerns, you have the right to speak up about them without fear of retaliation?

  • Be trained in a language you understand
  • Work on machines that are safe
  • Be provided required safety gear, such as gloves or a harness and lifeline for falls
  • Be protected from toxic chemicals
  • Request an OSHA inspection, and speak to the inspector
  • Report an injury or illness, and get copies of your medical records
  • See copies of the workplace injury and illness log
  • Review records of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Get copies of test results done to find hazards in the workplace
Pesticide Safety Information No. 8_Page_2


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.25.45 PM

MVCAC is one level higher on the ponzi scheme the joint powers authority have pulled over on the public to pocket tax money. This membership is exclusive to its members the board of trustees and managers who go on expensive unnecessary trips. The board spends more money on themselves than was spent on work hazard improvements and training necessary to do my job.

Conspiracy to Hide Spraying From Employees 2004-2010

The fish hatchery holds 13 rearing ponds. The fish manager and the district manager assign the applicators to assist in all aspects of the oppeartions. No training was ever provided to me personally or to our group that educated us in this area. All MVCAC members tell the public the fish are a biological measure to mosquito control is the benefit of the fish. They intentionally mislead the public. The aquacultures used to maintain the ponds are carcinogens like the formalin, some are corrosives. I can’t tell you all the hazards because I was never trained or informed by my employer.  They sent me for medical care with symptoms aligning with over exposure to formaldehyde and did not tell me or my treating physician.

4/18/06  Treatment Record

801 John Vignolo

220 Bob Durham

SJ County Mosquito Abatement District – City of Lodi-SJCMVCD-

Mosquito Fish Hatchery 12751 Thornton Road Lodi CA  95242

10,240 oz of formalin sprayed 700 gallons

Parcel ID  05512011

3/14/07 Insection Treatment Record

801 John Vignolo

240 Ernie Mancuzo

SJ County Mosquito Abatement District – City of Lodi-SJCMVCD 

Mosquito Fish Hatchery 12751 Thornton Road, Lodi CA  95242

10, 2440 oz of formalin sprayed 575 gallons

Parcel ID  05512011

2/26/08 Insection Treatment Record

801 John Vignolo

220 Bob Durham

SJ County Mosquito Abatement District – City of Lodi-SJCMVCD

Mosquito Fish Hatchery 12751 Thornton Road, Lodi CA 95242

9,472 oz of formalin sprayed

Parcel ID  05512011

3/12/09 Insection Treatment Record

801 John Vignolo

805 Scott Andreas

SJ County Mosquito Abatement District – City of Lodi-SJCMVCD

Mosquito Fish Hatchery 12751 Thornton Road, Lodi CA  95242

14,0808 oz of formalin sprayed

575 gallons

Parcel ID  05512011

02-09-06 formalin record

02-09-06 formalin record

Formalin 110 gallons two drums 14,08003 575 gallons If 4.68 aces is property then =3.2 acres is the 13 ponds

03-14-07 Formalin Record Dons copy 2

03-14-07 Formalin Weather history for Stockton

02-26-08 formalin record

02-26-08 Formalin weather

03-12-09 Formalin

03-12-09 Formalin weather conditions copy

Formaldehyde – Material Safety Data Sheet







CDI and DIR believe there are improper arrangements in place between some medical providers and employers that allow the employer to dictate how injuries are to be classified by the physicians. In some cases, and at the request of the employers, the physicians send the DFR only to the employers and not to the insurance carriers.

This arrangement occurs even though the injuries clearly are beyond first aid.

This agreement is often marketed to employers as a way to keep premiums from rising or to lower them. Such marketing practices are both improper and may also contribute to possible criminal violations related to premium fraud and the fraudulent denial of workers’ compensation benefits to injured workers.

Formalin at White Slough then allergic reactions

01-20-05_White Slough Spray Ponds Treatment

01-21-05 Aims Claim Summary

01-21-05 Exposure 2

01-24-05 Zone 9 Island Inspection

01-25-05 White Slough required to scrape the algae off tanks and read pond samples

01-26-05_Timesheet does not reflect Kaiser & Dameron visits

01-26-05 1 DWC 1

01-21-05 DWC-1 Lies about location of injury
01-21-05 DWC-1 Lies about location of injury









01-26-05 Examination and or Treatment Authorization by District Carol Askland

01-26-05 3 Work Status Report

01-26-05_Kaiser sent to my provider by my employer on work time

April 4, 2016  OSHA


White Slough Spray Records Illegible Received 10-03-14

(10 Years after exposure)

White Slough Fish Hatchery Spray Records:



2005   2005 1   2005 2   2005 3   2005 4   2005 5   2005 6


2006   2006 1    2006 2    2006 3    2006 4    2006 5


2008   2008 1    2008 2    2008 3   2008 4    2008 5    2008 6


2009   2009 1    2009 2    2009 3    2009 4    2009 5    2009 6    2009 7


2010   2010 1    2010 2    2010 3    2010 4    2010 5    2010 6


2011   2011 1    2011 2    2011 3    2011 4    2011 5   2011 6    2011 7

Formaldehyde. – 1910.1048  OSHA Regulations (Standards-29 CFR)


OSHA Fact Sheet on Formaldehyde


Formaldehyde (HCHO)

Formaldehyde – California Department of Public Health


OSHA formaldehyde-fact sheet






Ted Pella, Inc. Safety Data Sheet 18508

CDC info on Formaldehyde

Protocol Transportation of Fish 1

Protocol Capturing of Fish

Mosquito Fish by Duane Bridgewater 1-7

Mosquito Fish by Duane Bridgewater 1-14

Supplement information I found in researching the requirements for the White Slough Fish Hatchery Operations.
Note that the EPA requirements that other ponds are required to comply with are completely ignored by the vector agency.

I found this manual dated 2003 on the MVCAC website.  I have never received training for fish hatchery operations. My employer never disclosed the aquaculture products used in fish operations. I was able to find this 77 page manual which openly admits they use formaldehyde in their fish hatchery operations.
The file below is 77 pages, please click link to view:
2003 Fish Manual

The file below is 19 pages, please click link to view:
Fish Hatchery Plan


The file below is 68 pages, please click link to view:
Guide to fish


Biological Control of Mosquitoes Chapter 8

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