Training Manuals & Files

These manuals and pamphlets came from Skip’s files. The first time I saw these training manuals and files were when I went through his files after he passed away.

Links to documents:

2_Agricultural And Municipal Wastewater Handbook 12.22.05 PM_

3_Biological Control & Insect Pest Management UnivCA_Bulletin1911

4_Pesticide Application and Safety Training for applicators of Public Health Pesticides

5_Biology & Control of Mosq. CA_Mosq&VectorControlAsoc


Integrated Mosquito Surveillance Program Guidelines for California

7_Integrated Mosquito Surveillance Program Guidelines for California

8_Poison Oak Facts

9_Identification of Mosquitoes of California 1 11.02.44 AM 10_Managing Dairy Manure in the Nineties 11_Pasture Handbook from 1950s 12_The Layperson's Guide to Water Rights Law 13_Medic First Aid Basic-StudentVisualSkillGuide 14_Drugs In The Workplace

15_Mosquitoes of California 16_A Field Guide To Common Mosquitoes of California 17_Fishes In California Mosquito Control 18_Agencies And Agriculture 19_Systematic Appraisal of Irrigated Coastal Soils for Grapes 20_Chain Saw Safety Program


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