San Joaquin County Grand Jury Document Links 2009-

San Joaquin County Grand Jury Document Links:

Tiffany Anderson Files Complaint

September 12, 2009

Complaint below:


09-17-09 Chet Somera

09-17-09 Grand Jury Chet Somera

04-09-10 Tiffany Anderson Spoke to Scott Fichtner DA office inquired why grand jury hasn’t looked into complaint I filed

04-23-10 Interview San Joaquin County Grand Jury Chet Somera and Trudy Reed at Lodi Police Department to Interview employee #306 Tiffany Anderson of San Joaquin County Mosquito & Vector Control

07-28-10 Memo From John Stroh All Techs Sacramento 20 minute interview with AIMS Stockwell re Don Meidinger and Bob Durham and Janine Esau. Cancelled.

03-09-11 Grand Jury Deanna Black moved next door to me when she started to see Norm

08-02-11 Report to Grand Jury by Martinez08-02-11 Trisa Martinez Grand Jury Email

Grand Jury Findings

Refer To OSHA Post

Click Links Below To Download Excel Records For Tiffany Anderson”s Evidence of Exposure Records,Harassment Timeline  and Damages

04-29-14 Tiffany Anderson to San Joaquin County DA Fichtner Letter

08-05-14 FIOA to Manager only not DA West Nile Virus CPRA 2

10-01-14 District Response to 08:08:14 PRA request

Veteran reporter Les Mahler investigating more wrongdoings within San Joaquin County. Tiffany Anderson gave me permission to post this photo. Thank God for courageous whistle blowers, Bay Area journalists and the First Amendment.

April 7, 2015 at 6:51pm
Frank Gayaldo to Kathleen Gapusan
Frank Gayaldo former employee and whistle blower with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department, Sue Kizer mother of daughter in a murder case where the county mishandled evidence, Tracy Espinosa advocate for victims of the murder victims met me at the County Board Of Supervisors weekly meeting. We all spoke and expected our communications to be in the minutes required by the Brown Act.

05-08-15 Eley SJ Mosquito Dist amended response to 1112

06-30-15 California Grand Jury News: [Stanislaus County] East Side mosquito control district is stung by gran

East Side Mosquito operations use seasonal and year-round employees.  Of the dozen vector control technicians employed by the district, seven are seasonal workers and five are year-round employees.

Mosquitos over winter or hibernate when the weather is below a certain temp. they begin around late Sept and return around late March. Estimated six months out of the year they do not require treatments or monitoring

09-22-15 District Attorney Tori Salazar To Tiffany Anderson 2 N Avena Home in foreclosure while the county refuses to settle with me

Grand Jury Final Report 2015-2016.pdf

San Joaquin County Self-Governing Special Districts

Click link below to access request for FEMA funds by Mosquito Control from CA state Governor Brown totally unnecessary

03-15-17 MARCH 2017 BOT adj

04-12-17 LAFCo response to 2015-16 follow up report

Dec 11, 2017 – SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY — San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore continues to deny allegations that he tried to influence pathologists’ work in the coroner’s office. Doctors Susan Parsonand Bennet Omalu both sent their letters of resignation in the last month, accusing Moore of acting unethically.”

12-15-17 Stockton Record Frank Gayaldo $10 million Sheriffs and DA’s offices

12-15-17 Frank Gayaldo DA Sheriff


Janine Finley’s Ex husband’s testimony would have been nice to have been interviewed by Grand Jury, ERMA, Anyone of my attorneys

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