Tiffany Anderson’s Files 2015 (August Through December)

The day MaryJean died November 21, 2014 I inherited 2 N Avena Ave, Lodi CA 95240. I could not afford to pay the monthly cost and the house went into foreclosure.

(Tiffany Anderson v San Joaquin County Mosquito & Vector Control 2011 and still unsettled, to date 2019)

It’s a bitch when the very entity that owes you, takes your home from you then send you a bill for back taxes?

My father had a second heart attack in July and I was not well enough to care for myself. Vector stalled all my WCAB motions to move forward because they knew my personal challenges with my family obligations.

My claims were filed in 2011 and they denied me access to my personnel, medical and payroll records. They refused to provide all medical records to the QME’s they have a clear conflict of interest of interest with. They waited until my mother died. She had a two year life expectancy in 2012 and so they intentionally stalled until she died.

When she died in December of 2014 then they provided the first response to my records requests dating to 2011. 2011 to 2015 I was forced to wait for records they are required by law to produce in 30 days or less only to index all the records to discover they did not comply with accurate and complete records for a QME evaluation they forced me to attend by denying the claims they know their clients were responsible for causing  with malice and intent.

I moved 3 times during the discovery stage 3 years after I filed my claims.

Below are the documents the defense has sent to me along with two separate trusts to give a final accounting for. The documents below are what I moved from Avena to Pine

02-27-15 Deaths Since 2009  


08-11-15 Stockwell, Harris, Woolverton & Muehl


September 1 Month-to-Month Rental Agreement 2120 Pine, Lodi signed August 16, 2015

08-16-15 Rental Agreement to vacate Avena

08-20-15 Excess Pool JPA Board Minutes

08-26-15 Tabaddor Instructions Opened 9-22-15 resulting from move 1 on Pine

09-01-15 Stockwell to Panel QME Tabaddor

Exact pattern of previous injured co worker Tom Beard see claims filed 07-21-08-stockwell-panel-948757-disputing-after-tom-beard


09-11-15 with John Sales paul rodgers

Morgan vs. SJ Co. Mosquito and Vector Control District

09-15-15 Minute Order

09-15-15 Board of Trustee Agenda

Superior Court Of California, County of San Joaquin Stockton

Case No: 39-2014-00313386-CU-OE-STK


Department of Fair Employment & Housing                        Tiffany Anderson vs. San Joaquin County                            EEOC No: 556-2012-00422                                                  Right To Sue June 27, 2012 *

09-21-15 TA to EEOC Malinda Tuazon

09-22-15 Tori Salazar 2 N Avena prevent real estate fraud 09:18:15

9-23-15 Petition for Sanction and Costs

9-23-15 WCAB Hearing for Tabaddor


09-23-15 anderson-pos-dor.pdf__16040686

09-24-15 EPA FED FOIA Reply


09-25-15 Tiffany Anderson closing MaryJeans AT&T account

09-26-15 Chicago

09-30-15 Rescheduled PQME for Tabaddor 11-30-15

09-30-15 Stockwell Re schedule PQME Appointment Letter

10-01-15 Big ass Box arrives courtesy of Stockwell discovery records for my Qualified Medical Exam for Pesticide Exposure requested since filed in 2011

23 pounds of documents

I moved from my 5 year residence 2 N Avena August of 2015   foreclosure

10-01-15 Stockwell QME Proposal letter for 12:15:15 Bronshvag eval

10-01-15 Defense stalls discovery 4 years and to date they have not produced a complete set of documents Sender Stockwell Harris, AIMS, Mosquito Control

Saturday October 3, 2015 Shoreline Amphitheatre


10-06-15 Stockwell Settlement offer $50,000


10-7-15 SHWM WCAB

10-07-15-Petition to compel anderson to appear at Nov qme Tabaddor

10:13:15 The AIMS Damages Pavilions Damages for 1516 Sylvan Way

10-13-15 Application with John Sales as a co-tenants at The Pavilions. I was denied and told they will not rent to me for life.

Result of Injury date July   from December 2009 one month of accommodate to work to deal with my “anonymous call to the Whistle Blower Hotline we were instructed to report complaints” Accounting discrepancies unresolved


The Pavillions will never rent to me again resulting from 2009 apartment rental on Sylvan Way I paid in 2015 after I sold Avena

10-14-15 Pavilions Rejection of Tiffany’s Rental Application due to District’s Harm beginning in 2010 

10-22-15 City Of Lodi 1900 Lakeshore

10-26-15 Rental Insurance Farmers 1900 Lakeshore 3

10-20-15 Violation of the Brown Act – did not notify the public that the board meeting had been cancelled.
I showed up to speak to the board today at 1pm and there was no meeting and no posting on the door or the website.


10-22-15 John Sales and I moved in together and resided at 1900 Lakeshore Drive, Lodi 95242. Rental Agreement with Property Management Bennett Realty

10-22-15 Rental Agreement at 1900 Lakeshore

10-23-15 Rental Insurance Policy 1900 Lakeshore John:Me

10-23-15 City Of Lodi Deposit and Activate

11-05-15 Regulatory Complaint Open Letter

11-05-15 Letter to EPA

11-07-15 1900 Lakeshore

11-10-15 Opened Discovery Proved by Defense while I was moving

11-12-15 Minutes Order to Suspending

11-15-15 EEOC

11-17-15 Minutes

11-17-15 Meeting

11-17-15 Board of Trustee Agenda

From: Jenna Jacquemet <>
Date: Monday, November 16, 2015 at 4:56 PM
To: Tiffany Anderson <>
Subject: RE: Request 5

Hi Tiffany – MVCAC was cc’d on this but I’m not quite sure if I’m supposed to be sending your something? It does look like that attachment has our old contact info…

Best Regards, Jenna Jacquemet Member Services

Mosquito & Vector Control Association of CA

One Capitol Mall, Suite 800

(916) 440-0826 ext. 101

From: Tiffany Anderson []
Sent: Sunday, November 15, 2015 6:53 PM
To: Eddie Lucchesi <>;; Mimi Duzenski <>; Sara Skolnik <>;
Subject: Request 5

Request 5 California Vector Control technician Certification and Training Program Guidelines

11-20-15 Fwd Mimi is the BOS getting my communications

From: Caroline Cox <>
Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 4:40 PM
To: “” <>
Subject: Re: vector control issues

Thanks for contacting CEH. I think an organization that might be able to help you is PEER – Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. They are a great organization that helps public employees with the kinds of issues you discussed in your email. You can submit your information to them on their website:

Caroline Cox



12-02-15 Sara title 3 violations

12-08-15 Comments left on the Allems post by an attorney representing a injured worker evaluated by Allems

Superior Court Of California, County of San Joaquin Stockton

Case No: 39-2014-00313386-CU-OE-STK

Michelle Morgan vs. SJ Co. Mosquito and Vector Control District

12-10-15 Notice of Change of Address

12-11-15 WCAB Change of Address Sent to all Parties

12-11-15 Tabaddor moved and did not update his information

12-15-15 Notes From QME APpointment

12-11-15 Tabaddor moved and did not update his information

12-15-15 QME Proposal for Michael Bronshvag

Evidence provided by Stockwell for QME Appointment 12-15-15 scan 1

(4 pgs) click link above

12-15-15 Evidence provided by Stockwell for QME Appointment scan 3 hidden in MSDS stack

Note Kyle promised these records April 14, 14

The file below is 91 pages, please click link to view

Evidence provided by Stockwell for QME Appointment 12-15-15 scan 2 Dameron Records (Repeat exposure 2 not satisfied)

The file below is 226 pages, please click link to view

Evidence provided by Stockwell for QME Appointment 12-15-15 scan 3 MSDS TRASH QME NEEDS THE MFG LABELS

12-22-15 Department of Industrial Relations Complaint

I mailed the complaint wage dispute on the 22nd and the reply was mailed on the 24th timelines expire *To date employer has not provided my personnel and payroll that is complete

12-24-15 Department of Industrial Relations reply


Tabaddor tells me to leave without doing his job the first time I was compelled by Stockwell to attend back on October 13, 2014 at 2:30.

Then Stockwell compels again and the Expert refuses to appear, no cancellation notice or call, now I have to attend again.

How many ways can he insult me and cause harm to me? Let me count the ways!

12-29-15 Tabaddor games

12-29-15 Tabaddor reschedule after no show to the last one I was forced to attend

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