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Sexual Harassment Complaint

July 26, 2007

By Tiffany Anderson

ERMA , AIMS, Stockwell & Stroh

In the spring of 2006 it was announced Bob Durham would be reassigned as my new supervisor in January of 2007. The transitions began during the beginning of mosquito season 2006.

Bob Durham could not supervise Janine Finely because the were romantically involved and getting out of hand with their personal issues affecting daily opperations.

Bob could no longer work with Don Meidinger as well after he verbally assaulted and threatened him for reporting him as a liability to management, who told Bob and condoned actions that resulted in a heart attack, an admittance to Lodi Memorial Hospital on

Friday October 13, 2006.

And 4 years of litigations fighting the workers comp claim

09-18-07 BOT Agenda 5,6 & 7

October 27, 2011 at 10:00 at The Law Offices of Chris Eley, 343 E. Main St, Suite 710, Stockton, California 95202 8 pgs

10-18-11 Eley

12-21-11 appear January 12, 2012 at 1:30 at The Law Offices of Chris Eley, 343 E. Main St, Suite 710, Stockton, California 95202  4 pgs  Kimberley Low process server employed 343 E. Main St, Stockton, CA 95202 (209) 466-8511


My sons Birthday




911 Calls 2 N Avena Avenue

Sales Customer List Eley and Sales 2012- conflict



December 21, 2013 John Sales stayed the night with me on Avena MaryJean is home

December 22, 2013 John Sales stays a second consecutive night

December 23, 2013 John Sales stays the night with me for the third consecutive night

December 24, 2013 Christmas Eve John Sales left gave me a kiss and promised to be back by 1 for my family get together.

John not only didn’t show up or call he disappeared for a few days. At 6 pm I called him and after he said he wasn’t coming period I couldn’t believe it. I was so hurt and angry I kicked my mom, my grandma, my father, my kids and Vicki Bridgewater and Jake out because I was going to cry and I didn’t want to ruin the last Christmas for my family.

December 25, 2013 Christmas Day I had a massage scheduled and when Daniel arrived I was shaking like I had been raped and we talked but I didn’t want to be touched. I looked for John called Janes and they told me I was ruining their Christmas. I spent the day alone crying. It’s really a cold action to abandon someone on Christmas. This is what John Sales did to me.

03-10-14 BOT Agenda # Sale of Surplus District 200 N Beckman Rd

05-12-14 BOT Agenda 2. Tiffany Anderson

05/28/14 USCF  Aunt Gloria My Mom  Me Loretta

05/29/14 UCSF Loretta Moore and I stayed. John said he could not come. When I call him he reveals a lie he attended his grandsons graduation.


07/01/14 UCSF Me and Mom alone

07/02/14 UCSF Testing for Mom

07/03/14 UCSF Testing for Mom

07/04/14 UCSF Testing for Mom

07/05/14 Left mom at  grandma’s


07/16/14 UCSF Me and Mom alone

07/17/14 UCSF Testing for Mom

07/18/14 UCSF Testing for Mom

11-24-14 Eley to Tiffany send civil offers to Sara work comp


10-27-15 BOT Agenda #9

11-04-15 BOT Agenda # 10 Michelle Morgan v Mosquito Superior court

04-19-16 Chris conflict

08:03:16 Detention Certificate


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