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4-20-04 Rice Fields – Best Mgmt Practices for Reduction of Mosquitos

Protocol for capturing & transporting mosquito fish

Fish Hatchery Plan



NPDES NOR5-2007-0113

02-26-08-Formalin weather

12-05-07_Evidence Formalin on Premises



4-20-04 Rice Fields – Best Mgmt Practices for Reduction of Mosquitos

06-02-10_Zone 18 Rice Acreage

07-07-11_Zone 18 Hostile Work Environment Deanna Hopkins Double standards

7-29-11 Cold Fog Treatments & Reports

Adulticide application sites

Infectious Agents

Irrigation Lines

Oakdale Irrigation District

South San Joaquin Irrigation District

Reclaimed Water Irrigations

Annual contact with pond owners

Van Vleit

Waste Pond Letter

SJCM&VCD Cooperative Agreement

05-14-04_South East Water Zone 7

6-04-04_South East Water Zone 7

Heat Prevention Not Implemented

5-26-04_Stuck in Duck Creek

The day I got in trouble for following the rainy day policy

Implementation of Archer System

Van Vleit

Tom Beard

Map Combs

Map No Access No Help

Map South 120

Map Victory Road

Martin 400 ac

Over irrigation no enforcement

Van Vleit Reprimanded for taking too long

Assistance to Emily 1

Assistance to Emily

05-00-11_Altosid Inventory

06-00-11_Altosid Inventory

Altosid Denied to me

Raw Sewage Handling

Sewer Stockton Sewage

BPM for Wetlands

Flood lands Wetlands

White Slough

Screenshot 2013-11-01 12.27.38 Screenshot 2013-12-20 09.15.10 White Slough photo waters of the US

Catch Basins

Catch Basins

Irrigation Districts

Irrigation Districts

Dealing with hostile or dangerous people

No Trespassing Sign

Burned Truck

Mike Corrales 2 3 Mike Corrales 2 Mike Corrales

Harassment Protocol

Morgan Benett & Brian Heine


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